The Art of Living Center
2935-D Louisiana NE
Albuquerque, NM 87110
(505) 883-7410

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A creative environment featuring contemporary fine crafts and fine art. We exhibit exquisite jewelry, diverse works from dreams, folklore, myth and the earth interpreted in glass, metal, wood, stone, clay, paint and paper. Specializing in Japanese approach to porcelain (fine tea bowls) and wood-fired pottery. Landscapes in acrylic and pastel. Weyrich Gallery regularly participates in Artscrawl and is open until 9pm Artscrawl evenings.

Artists represented include: Angie Coleman, Betsy Williams, Donna Loraine Contractor, Michael Billie, Chris Meyer, Alice Webb, Doug Black, Kathryne Cyman, Vicki Bolen, Harriette Tsosie, Carol P Chamberland, Cheri Reckers, Jerry Barnett, Carl Gray Witkop, Carter Smith, Marcia Newren, Lucien Koonce, Susan Zimmerman, Mary Sweet, Clarence Cruz, Sharon Wenzel, Meredith McPherson, Michael Benning, Luisa Baldinger, Frank Willett, Daniel O’Driscol, Judy Pearlman, Jas Simmons, Karen Simmons, Celest Michelotti, Chris Herman, Jan Farrell, Emily Troillion, Carol Adamec, Kathryn Blackmun, Jenn Noel, Linda Gillis, Doug Gillis, Peggy Loudon, Laura Bruzzese, Jitsudo Ancheta, David & Ronnie, Margaret Walden, Mary Carroll Nelson, Susan Linnell, UNM Arita Porcelain Students, Elle Curley Jackson, Kari Kaplan Rives, Greta Ruiz, Cynthia McCoy, Megan Hill, Ralph Lewis, Marta Light, Michael Ceschiat, Elaine Bolz, Annette Paajean, Laura Pope, Judith Duff, Rob Barnard, Jack Troy, Susan Kotuluk, and Patricia Cohen.

Hours: Monday by appointment, Tuesday-Friday 10:30-5:30, Saturday 11-5:30