517 Central Ave NW
Albuquerque, NM 87102
(505) 842-1400

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This eclectic gallery represents 100 artists – showcasing traditional and contemporary fine art, unusual furniture, unique jewelry and custom framing. The art is all about being fun and functional.

Some regular artists include: Angus Macpherson (painter), Frank McCulloch (painter), Greg Navratil (painter), Jeannie Sellmer (painter), Michael Norviel (painter), Roy Sumner Johnson (painter), Marjie Bassler (painter), John Walker-Roxann Moore (painters), Kathryn Irish Henry (pastel artist), Ray Wiger (wire mesh sculptor), Clarke Sherer (stained glass artist), David Snow (enamel artist), Mae Crauder Davis (mixed media artist), Lori Gordon (recycle artist), Leslie Hall (raku ceramics), Frank and Nickie Keith (ceramics/masks), Mike Tarter (horsehair pottery), Carol Kaleko (pottery), Gary Cerveny (photographer), Goldie Garcia (jeweler), Alice Bailey (jewelry), Robert Redus (jewelry), Dawn Estrin (jewelry), Laura Cardenas (jewelry), Ted Young (jewelry), Dino Leyba (jewelry), Ayala Bar (jewelry), Micheal Michou (jewelry), Kenny Chavez (mixed media artist), Kevin Burgess-Drew Coduti (tinsmiths), Ruth Morris (dollmaker), Suzanne Visor (silk artist), Siobhan (silk artist), Rob Anderson (furniture maker), Todd Ouwehand (furniture maker)

Hours: Monday-Friday 10-6, Saturday 1-5