Framing Concepts Gallery
5809 Juan Tabo Blvd. NE – 294.3246 – framingconceptsgallery.commap
Artist Reception and Opening 2-5 pm
Framing Concepts Gallery would like to invite the public to Los Tres Amigos. These bandits of the brush know a thing or two about wielding colors on canvas, as each artist, Bud, Waid, and Emmett have been honing their respective disciplines for a “fer” piece now, that’s western lingo for a long time. Come view western vistas from meadows, to rivers, to mountains and all the space in between. Enjoy watercolor, oil, and pastels, by three premier Albuquerque artists and “brush wranglers”. C. Bud Edmondson, J. Waid Griffin and Emmett Johns will be present at the Artist Reception, hop on your horse and mosey on down to Framing Concepts for a grand opening.

The Gallery ABQ
8210 Menaul Blvd. NE – 292.9333 – thegalleryabq.commap
ARTful Saturday 1-4 pm
Presenting Fantasy, Imagery, & Color, Oh My! with featured artists, Jean Porter and Lari TH. Jean Porter, an oil painter, paints the seen and the unseen, a type of surrealism and allegory of the past and future experiences. Her training has been in technical illustration. Lari TH, a watercolorist, embraces the way water moves the pigment on her paper expressing her observations and imaginations, mindful of how water has molded the landscape of the Southwest. Artist Insight talk at 6 pm by Lari TH, playing in the water. In the Salon, Go Figure by Lannie Alexander and Nancy Wygant. Refreshments will be available. The show runs through March 26th.

Sacramento Mountain Weavers
2231 Wyoming Blvd. NE – 933.1666 – sacramentomountainweavers.commap
Open House 11am-5pm
Pop in and enjoy the many colorful textiles by local New Mexico weavers. Everything from for-the-home to wearables. Come enjoy this working weaving studio/gallery with a touch of a boutique feel. There is always a project going on the loom.

Weyrich Gallery
2935 D Louisiana Blvd. NE – 883.7410 – weyrichgallery.commap
Artful Saturday 3-6pm
Weyrich presents The Animacy of Place: Spirits of Kempton. Artist Willi Singleton states, “Being a potter for nearly three decades now, I surprised myself this past year by stepping into sculptural work utilizing local Chesapeake clay. My aim is to communicate the sense that my pots are embodiments of my place, and that my place is inhabited by these elements of nature (spirits) that inspire, shape and constitute my pots…I will also be showing a variety of tea ware, utilitarian forms, and vessels carrying forward this emphasis on Pots of Place. I think of my work as a gentle rebellion against the anonymity of objects in the world today. In our daily lives we are surrounded by anonymous objects, convenient but disconnected. My processes are my connection to ceramic history (Asian ceramic history), and my finished pots are my connection to users of my pots around the world.” Show closes March 25.