December Special Events


matrix1Matrix Fine Art
3812 Central Ave SE, Suite 100 A – 268.8952 – – map
Opening Reception 5-8pm
Matrix Fine Art hosts 1 x 15 – One Model, Fifteen Photographers, an intriguing bi-annual photography exhibition organized by Albuquerque photographers Tim Anderson and Patrick Berrett. 15 photographers are invited to collaborate with the same model to create 15 completely different sets of images. The model becomes the vehicle for the artist’s vision, but she is also the inspiration and the muse. The show runs through December 26.

ng1New Grounds Print Workshop & Gallery
3812 Central Ave SE, Suite 100 B – 268.8952 – – map
Opening Reception 5-8pm
New Grounds Gallery is excited to present its 3rd International Juried Print Exhibition, featuring a compelling variety of contemporary printmakers. This year’s entries came from as far as Korea and Ukraine to Estonia, Argentina and the Netherlands. Showcasing a variety of techniques, the imagery ranges from symbol-infused abstraction to deep considerations of place and identity. The exhibition was juried by artist, writer and critic Wesley Pulkka (BFA, MFA and PhD in sculpture, art history, symbolism and sacred art), and Regina Held (BFA, MFA in Fine Art), New Grounds director. The jurists’ challenge was to select the strongest 25 pieces from 107 works submitted by 38 printmakers from around the world. Awards will also be announced during the opening reception.
About the Jurors:
Wesley Pulkka: Artist, writer and critic Wesley Pulkka earned his BFA, MFA and PhD degrees majoring in sculpture, art history and the history of symbolism and sacred art. He’s written columns, feature articles, artist profiles and critical reviews for the Albuquerque Journal, Architectural Digest, Art Santa Fe, Elevation Magazine, Ministry and Liturgy Magazine, The Santafean, Santa Fe Trend, the Collector’s Guide and other publications.
Regina Held:  Originally from Germany, she received a Bachelor in Fine Arts from the University of Texas at Austin, and a Masters in Fine Art from the University of New Mexico. In addition, she completed the summer program at the Tamarind Institute of Lithography. She is the founder and director of New Grounds Print Workshop and Gallery, New Mexico’s only membership-based, professional, non-toxic printmaking facility. Held is co-author of New Grounds – The Manual For Non-Toxic Etching. The show runs through December 26.


Harwood Art Center
1114 7th Street NW – 242.6367 – – map
Opening Reception 6-8pm
Harwood Art Center’s 9th Annual 12×12 Exhibition & Fundraiser features an exquisite evening of live music by Oscar Butler, hors d’oeuvres from your favorite local restaurants, and original works by over 200 amazing artists of all ages. Come enjoy a fundraising celebration featuring; 6”x6” works by the student artists of Escuela del Sol Montessori ($36 each), 12“x12” works by emerging and established local artists ($144 each), and PRELUDE larger works by notable New Mexico artists (highest bid). Auction ends during 12×12 event, December 5 at 7:45pm. The exhibition runs December 5 – December 11.


CFA Downtown Studio
113 Fourth St. NW – 221-8037 – map
Opening Reception 5-8pm
Interference is an exhibition exploring interference; performances and installations with technology feedback. The sounds of the modern world are often overlooked and become transparent background noise. Hear the sounds of technology and their amplified interference in our techno-fueled society. December 10 – December 15.


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