April Special Events


Thursday Art Group Studio
4401 Central Ave. NE Ste. B – 280.8659 or 228.8116
Open House 1-4pm
The Thursday Art Group Studio Gallery presents the Essence of Light: new works by member artists. The show is also open by appointment.

Purple Sage Gallery
201 San Felipe NW – 450.4059 – purplesagegaleria.com
Reception 3-6pm
Purple sage will have a reception for Eason Eige’s ‘Often Painted Places’ series and for works by Marilyn Drake.


page colemanPage Coleman Gallery
6320-B Linn Avenue NE – 238-5071 – pagecoleman.com
Page Coleman Gallery presents The Grand Expand, New 3D work by Ali Gallo, Gwyn Metz, Maria Ross. Three women sculptors strut their stuff at the newly expanded Page Coleman Gallery. Ali Gallo creates powder coated steel abstractions that resemble ribbons blowing in the wind. Gwyn Metz recomposes disparate debris into dysfunctional objects such as fossil-free vehicles and doll-like characters. Maria Ross works wonders with wire and paint to create airy, ghostlike forms that have both organic and architectural references.


mapola1Amapola Gallery
205 Romero St NW – 242.4311 – amapolagallery.com
Featured Artist Reception 1-3pm
Amapola Gallery offers light refreshments during this month’s reception which showcases the work of four artists. April’s Crystal Clouds includes Gloria Casale – stained, fused, and stumped glass; Philip Green – ceramic, raku clocks; Denise Ballou – oil paintings, and Debra Montoya – mosaic art.


Weyrich Gallery
2935 D Louisiana Blvd. NE – 883.7410 – weyrichgallery.com
Artist Talk 1-2pm
Harriette Tsosie will have acrylic works and encaustic pieces. Her encaustic paintings are made with both bleached and unbleached beeswax and Damar varnish. She likes working with encaustic because of its luminosity. Light hits the surface of the painting but is also refracted by the oil pigment suspended in the wax. Tsosie, states, “Linguicide” references the death of language, which includes both extinct (no longer spoken) and dead (still in use of scientific, legal or religious functions) languages. Since language embodies culture, I believe such extinction and death is serious. We even today see the Native languages here in New Mexico, most of which have never been written, under siege. Witness the desperate efforts by their speakers to preserve them through language immersion programs and developing a written form for them.” Show closes April 27, 2015


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