Friday, March 6, Citywide ARTScrawl


high desert art and frame1High Desert Art & Frame
12611 Montgomery Blvd. NE Suite A-4 – 265.4066 –
Opening Reception 5-8pm
The gallery presents Abstractscapes, paintings by Barbara Nahler. Nahler’s paintings are nonrepresentational and are created by using the elements of art – space, line, value, color and texture. The space of the canvas is divided into smaller spaces through the use of line which may be yarn or threads from the canvas. A value system is created, color and texture added to create the “abstrascapes.” Barbara has received awards for her miniatures in Masterworks.

palettePalette Contemporary Art & Craft
7400 Montgomery Suite 22 – 855.7777 –
Opening Reception 5-8pm
Palette presents Room For Art Featuring Miniature Mid-Century Room Constructions by Joann Francomano and Jim Cole. Joann and Jim come from entirely different backgrounds. Joann is a graduate of New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology. She loves soft goods and fashion. Jim spent forty years practicing as an oral/maxillofacial surgeon. He favors tech and doing meticulous carpentry work as two of his passions. What they have in common is executing their collective vision of “Mid-Century/Retro Design and Culture” with Jim’s miniature craftsmanship bringing Joann’s eight “Rooms of Art” to life in amazing detail. Their largest room measures only 12.5″ length) x 4.5″ wide x 10.5″ high! Their historical influences for their period room constructions include: Gerrit Rietveld, Dale Chihuly, Andy Warhol, Frank Lloyd Wright, Yves Saint Laurent, Paco Robanne, and Rudi Gernreich. This show runs through March 31.

Woodfired functional stoneware© Willi Singletonphotographed by Ken EkWeyrich Gallery
2935 D Louisiana Blvd. NE – 883.7410 –
Artist Reception 5-8:30pm
Weyrich presents Willi Singleton’s Clay and Ink II: A Sense of Generosity and Place. Singleton says of his work, “After three decades as an independent potter, my recent attempts at printmaking aim to create visual images that tell the story of my pottery-making life, showing how the materials and processes serve as the vocabulary and grammar of my potting language: communication through objects of place. Just as wines are said to convey characteristics which reflect their place of provenance (terroir), ceramics made of native clays and locally procured glaze materials also reflect their place of origin.” Show closes March 27, 2015.

the gallery abqThe Gallery ABQ
8210 Menaul Blvd. NE – 292.9333 –
Artist Reception and Insight Talk 5-8pm
The Gallery ABQ presents Her Story to honor National Women’s History month. The exhibit features Jean Porter; oils and Judi Foster, mixed media, watercolors, oils and pastels. Jean Porter says of her work, “I use painting to inspire thought, remind us of beauty, and explore new concepts.” 6pm Insight Talk with Jean Porter. The March Salon Exhibit features Jean Porter and Marlies Diels. Marlies Diels says of her work, “each firing is a new beginning, clay and texture, color and fire, shape and design make a vessel.” Exhibit continues through March 26.

se ocSE-OC Right Brain Gallery
3100 Menaul Blvd. NE – 816.0214 –
ARTScrawl Event 5-8pm
The SE-OC Right Brain Gallery is pleased to present the works of Evelyn Rosenberg, the award winning developer of the art of Detonography. In Detonagraphy, explosives are used to build up rich textured surfaces in her works, which include over 45 public art pieces across the country, several of which are found in the Albuquerque area. Recently, Rosenberg has been working on smaller pieces more suitable for individual art lovers. The Gallery is fortunate to showcase several of these pieces. The artist will be giving an Art Talk at 6pm and will sign copies of her book, which will also be available for purchase.



Thursday Art Group Studio
4401 Central Ave. NE Ste. B
Open House 5-7:30pm

Sixty Six Contemporary Art Gallery
4009 Central Ave. NE – 545.2030 –
Gallery Reception 6-8pm
Sixty Six Gallery presents Little Lino Lineup a group show of a selection of linoleum block relief prints, ranging from the traditional black and white print to multiple color and reductive prints. Mixed print media incorporating linoleum block printing are also included. Artists featured in this group show include Vicky Mei Chen, Noah Dasho, Sarah Newton, Eric Rewitzer, Thierry Rossett, Barbara Stikker, and others.

matrix1Matrix Fine Art
3812 Central Ave SE, Suite 100 A – 268.8952 –
Reception 5-8pm
Exhibition Title: Subtle Imprints – Paintings by Marilyn Dillard and Ceramic by Elizabeth Fritszche. Two woman artists Marilyn Dillard and Elizabeth Fritzsche join forces for the exhibition Subtle Imprints. Dillard paints bold, abstract representations of landscapes that explore texture and color. Fritszche’s porcelain vases and bowls are simple, yet elegant with various energetic impressions that compliment Dillard’s paintings.

new groundsNew Grounds Print Workshop & Gallery
3812 Central Ave SE, Suite 100 B – 268.8952 –
Reception 5-8pm
Exhibition title: Three Mexican Masters in Printmaking- Charles Barth, Enrique Flores, and Mizraim Cardeñas.This exhibit showcases contemporary prints by three leading artists from Mexico. Charles Barth creates patterned figures inspired by Oaxacan folk art. Enrique Flores’ etchings tell stories from rural Mexican village life and Mizraim Cardeñas infuses magical realism with the history of Mexico in his engravings and woodcuts. These narrative and surrealistic artists give us a glimpse into the history and life of Mexico.

s and g4



Spa and Gallery
316-B Adams St. SE – 247.2373 –
Open House 5-7pm
Spa and Gallery presents ERA in conjunction with the Jesus Muñoz Flamenco at the National Hispanic Cultural Center, Journal Theatre on March 6 and 7. The show at Spa and Gallery will feature photographs of flamenco by Richard Malcolm and Bruce Shortz.


516 ARTS


516 ARTS
516 Central Ave SW – 242.1445 –
ArtsCrawl Event5-8pm
From the Ground Up: Design Here + Now showcases contemporary work by established and emerging Albuquerque area designers and architects. The exhibition features both built and speculative projects. Varying widely in scale, the work demonstrates shared interests in innovation, experience, material, form and function. The exhibition is curated by Katya Crawford, Viviette Hunt, Kristen Shaw and Mira Woodson, and is part of the collaboration On the Map: Unfolding Albuquerque Art + Design

Sumner & Dene
517 Central NW – 842.1400 –
Artist Reception 5-8pm
Sumner & Dene is honored to present Michael Norviel: Interiors and Landscapes plus Lydia Piper: Glasswork. Colorist Michael Norviel, known for his impressionistic interior table tops and landscapes, is a wizard of color. More color comes to the two person exhibit with the layered fused glass of Lydia Piper.

ot circusOT Circus
709 Central NW – 249.2231 –
First Friday Event 5-8 pm
OT Circus Gallery features Nathaniel Perry. Nathan Perry was born in Connecticut and educated in fine arts at Rhode Island School of design. Influenced by painters of the High Renaissance and Mannerist period, and their commitments to the ideals of human form and of the religious experience. He believes art to be an aesthetic visual form that “contains” and transmits synthesized aspects of the actual world and the inner ideals, emotively indentation of the artist according to how he or she expresses it. The subject matter that he finds as most endearing for his art are, the experiences of the divine and religious, and that of the mystic and mythic; both of which he has had personal experiences with, and others which he attempts to visually interprets form their many aspects. Nathan currently lives in Albuquerque New Mexico where he practices as an artist pursuing his self education, and experiences the lessons of the world, the greatest teacher of all.

harwoodHarwood Art Center
1114 7th Street NW – 242.6367 –
Community Celebration & Opening Reception 6-8m
In 2016, Harwood Art Center will celebrate its 25th anniversary with a year of programming dedicated to exploring the organization’s important role in this community. As a precursor, Harwood’s 7th & Mountain exhibitions will feature luminary local artists of all ages who have had a significant impact on and been significantly impacted by Harwood, while contributing to the larger creative dialogue in New Mexico. The exhibitions premiere as part of Harwood’s annual Encompass event, an evening of open studios with 45 resident artists, community art making projects and more. This event is part of On the Map: Unfolding Albuquerque Art + Design. Exhibitions Run: March 6 – April 17.


purple sagePurple Sage Gallery
201 San Felipe NW – 450.4059 –
Reception 5-8pm
Featured Artist, Punk Cooper, will be showing a selection of
his plein air paintings in oil.

Yucca Art Gallery
206 1/2 San Felipe NW – 247.8931 –
Opening and Reception 4-7pm
In March Yucca Art Gallery will spotlight the special talents of; Phyllis McGuire, water media and oil painter; Fran Hill, potter; and Linda Reyes-Alicea, jeweler; all featured artists. Ms. McGuire is widely known for her impressionistic New Mexico landscapes, Ms. Hill for innovative glazes and pot designs, and Ms. Reyes-Alicea for striking jewelry patterns. All three artists will describe their work and technique at the Opening Reception. Yucca Art Gallery is a cooperative of local, New Mexican artists, now celebrating its 51st year in Old Town.

Blackbird Gallery
323 Romero St. NW, Ste.16 – 243.9525 – BlackbirdGallery.Biz
Open House 5-8pm
This month, this unique and delightful gallery on the Old Town Plaza features the Southwest Native American paintings of Blackfeet artist Farrell Cockrum, new works by this renowned stylist and colorist have arrived! Also featured are cottonwood carvings from Navajo artist Matthew Yellowman; fine art prints; Baltic amber jewelry; alabaster sculptures from Michael Connor; landscape paintings from Robert Perea and Fred Cleveland; and the amazing high-fired pottery from Seattle artist Matthew Patton.

essence5Essence Gallery & Boutique
323 Romero St. NW, Suite 1 – 843.7367 –
Opening Reception 5-9pm
Essence Gallery & Boutique presents The Art of Brushwork by local artist Pat Marsello, an exquisite array of beautifully created functional pottery, clay sculpture, and wall art in the style of Chinese brushwork. Show runs through March 29.


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