Special Event, Saturday, February 8

weyrich Red black gold gractured square donna contractorWeyrich Gallery
2935 D Louisiana Blvd. NE – 883.7410 weyrichgallery.com
Lecture 1-3pm
Donna Loraine Contractor reintroduces her Architectonic series in Architectonics Plus Additions, three-dimensional Imagery as viewed from a two dimensional plane. The series combines unlikely dynamic forms with a palette of dark and light to achieve the illusion of depth. Hand-dyed and tightly spun wool, with its particular and beautiful light reflecting characteristics produce a texture and luminosity that no pigment on paper could. All tapestries are designed and woven by the artist and are woven with hand dyed wool on a strong cotton warp and are moth proofed. The show runs through February 28.


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