April 19, 2013

Johns’ Western Gallery
4009 Central Avenue NE – 246-2414 – johnswesterngallery.com
Opening and Reception 5:30-8pm
Johns’ Western Gallery presents the Calvin Toddy exhibition-southwest cowhands ride the range in summer dust and winter chill. Come to the reception, meet Calvin Toddy, and sip refreshments!

AllBetter for PR-matrix2Matrix Fine Art
3812 Central Ave SE, Suite 100 A – 268-8952 – matrixfineart.com
Reception 5-8pm
Likely Stories- Paintings by Laura Wacha. Laura Wacha’s paintings tell stories that linger in the mind like an unanswered question. Her work is full of cartoon-like creatures on brightly patterned backgrounds that leave an impression that brings one to go back to a piece multiple times. Wacha’s images are of the domestically mundane and globally tragic or vice versa. The creatures in her paintings are fantastical; they are reminiscent of science fiction characters in unusual situations and places. The compositions of Wacha’s pieces give the viewer an opportunity to “fill in the blanks”, so to speak, and create their own story based on their life experiences. Show runs through May 25.


The Vagaries - The Jones' for PR-ng2New Grounds Print Workshop & Gallery
3812 Central Ave SE, Suite 100 B – 268-8952 – newgroundsgallery.com
Reception 5-8pm
Transitations – Gravure and Monotypes by Adabel Allen
As a printmaker and photographer, Adabel Allen creates images inspired from her dialogue and encounters with birds and nature. Paralleling the natural world’s tendencies with her own is crucial to storytelling in her work – using birds and nature as symbols and metaphors for the transformation, transition and transience she is experiencing in life. Utilizing the camera to capture fleeting moments in nature plays a major role in how Allen created this body of work.  This “Transitational” period is an exploration of self, relationships and the environment. “Feeling like a forest having been burnt to the ground, sprouting with new life”, Allen gives us a glimpse into her experiences of life through nature. The show runs through May 25.

Suhee_Yoo, Seon-Hyung parkPark Fine Art
20 First Plaza NW – 764.1900 – parkfineart.com
Opening Reception 5-8pm
New artists and new artwork from Korea. The show include artists from Korea; Ahn, Hyun-Gon; Gi, Yong-Joo; Cho, In-Hee; Red Joo; Koo, Tae-Hoe; Yoo, Seon-Hyung; You, Jae-Bok and local artist Rex Barron.

Concetta D Gallery
20 First Plaza NW – 243-5066 – concettadgallery.com
Open House 5-8pm
Spring open house and group show with new works by gallery artists.



Sumi on porcelain coated steel 3 1/8 x 51 1/8 x 39 1/8

516 ARTS
516 Central Ave SW – 242.1445 – 516arts.org
Open House 5-8pm
Flatlanders & Surface Dwellers is a group exhibition featuring diverse visual art media that explore the intimate and exotic realm of surface texture which evokes visceral, multisensory responses. ARTISTS INCLUDE: Ivan Boyd, Jessica Kennedy, Steve Budington, Alex Kraft, Phillip Carrier, June Lee, Jennifer Cawley, Noelle Mason, Cristina de los Santos, Andrew McPhail, Nicole Dextras, Zach Meisner, Jessica Drenk, Inés Molina Navea, Gregory Euclide, Timothy Nero, Marla Fields, Rusty Scruby, Blake Gibson, Peter Voshefski, Melissa Gwyn, Rhonda Weppler & Trevor Mahovsky, Marie-Michèle Jasmin-Bélisle, and Jim Wilsterman.

Horst20x24Repose sumnerSumner & Dene
517 Central NW – 842.1400 – sumnerdene.com
Sumner & Dene is honored to present “Mark Horst Figure Show & More” Known primarily for his striking figurative work comprised of bold palette knife and colorful brush work, this exhibit will encompass more including landscapes and New Mexico churches. Mark states that painting the figure is a process, the body is evocative and narrative with energy, a push and pull.  He lets the brush have some freedom, letting it dance around the canvas.  Sumner & Dene, located Downtown Albuquerque at 517 Central NW, is open weekdays 10-6, Saturdays 10-5, Sundays 12 noon-4.  For more information call 505-842-1400 or go to: www.sumnerdene.com

OFFCenter Community Arts Project
808 Park Ave, SW – 247.1172 – offcenterarts.org
Performance 6-8pm
It’s time for another OFFCenter Coffeehouse presentation. This Friday will feature the highly revered and popular Jimmy Abraham. Expect a night of fine songs sung by an able and charming storyteller. No cover. A Pass the Hat Production.


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